Promolux Lamps & Econofrost Night Covers = Real Results

If you demand quality products, quality service and commendable follow through then our team is what you are looking for. Our team members and industry service representatives are trained to survery a store and spot where you can make the biggest difference in your store operations for the greatest return on your project. Whether it is a retrofit night cover installation or a simple re-lamping service, we're there to support your efforts.

We have the expertise, knowledge and ability to carry out large chain roll outs across many states within tight time frames, or we can help you and your staff complete a simple retrofit project to help your business save money. With both product lines, the installation process is simple and effective and the results are noticeable right away!

Both products result in:

This easily translates into a healthier bottom line, greater shopper satisfaction and long-term sustainability.

PROMOLUX Lighting & ECONOFROST Night Covers are the Preferred Choices of Leading Retailers

No other product comes close to delivering the same kind of results and payback. In addition both product lines provide many years of service and performance, compounding the returns and saving for your business.

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