Meeting the Challenge of Food Safety Head On

In today’s world we are continually bombarded with the media reports of product recalls and food safety issues. The average consumer is now more health conscious than ever. People are more aware and educated on the standard practices of food preparation and food safety.

The appearance and presentation of the many foods within the displays is the point where your customer will sum you up in an instance. If the appearance of your food in the display case is cause for concern for your customer, then at that very instance you may have lost your valued customer for good.

You never want a customer to question the integrity and quality of your products being sold.

Advertising companies and marketing specialists spend thousands of dollars trying to convey the message of customer loyalty, customer service, product quality and value to your clientele. Communicating your message of food safety with your customers is one of the biggest points in todays marketplace.

There has always been the challenge of adhering to food safety regulations that have been put in place over time. As the food industry continues to learn more about the safe practices of bringing products to market, there is significant pressure placed on store owners and store management to ensure their department is meeting, if not surpassing those quality control requirements.

Of course there are many food safe protocols that are followed in the chain of getting foods to the store level but as a retailer what can you do to ensure that the issue of food safety does not stop there. Is there more that you can do to attain the objective of delivering the highest quality and freshest products available in todays market? Absolutely.

Evaluating Where You Can Save the Most

For starters you can take a closer look at your cases and evaluate where the biggest difference can be made for you. Depending on your store and the products you sell you may be more concerned about the presentation of foods, or maybe you want to really slash your current levels of daily shrink and discard. Maybe energy savings and improved refigeration performance is your main focus.

Once you decide on what's most important to you and the success of your business then you can resolve it with either PROMOLUX lighting or ECONOFROST night covers.

PROMOLUX lights deliver the best color presentation for merchandisng fresh foods while filtering out over 86% of the harmful radiation that damages and shortens the shelf life of foods. PROMOLUX reduces product waste and is best suited for meat and seafood service counters, deli and bakery cases where delicate food items are in close proximity to case lights.

ECONOFROST night covers improve refrigeration holding temperatures, keeping product temperatures stable for improved product appearance and integrity. Refrigeration performance is significantly improved and energy savings amass. For produce departments there is a great opportunity to reduce produce trim and discard.

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