Food Safe Lighting

Low UV lamps such as PROMOLUX Balanced Spectrum have been designed to reduce and eliminate the harmful effects of the spectrum and portions of the visible and non-visible radiation that causes perishable products to turn color, oxidize and lose their product integrity.

store produce case lights Department managers understand the importance of installing specialty lamps in display cases.

When you have invested thousands of dollars on store cases, store design and on the product itself it doesn't make sense to diminish the benefits by installing an inferior lamp.
By installing the correct lights in their display cases many stores have resolved a problem with shrinkage and poor product quality.

This has resulted in a larger volume of products being sold, raising profit margins for that department.

So, as more and more store managers are able to measure and recognize the real benefits of using food specific case lighting like PROMOLUX balanced spectrum low radiation lamps, the food retail industry grows stronger and becomes more sustainable in its operations.

With hundreds of other stores looking to recreate their look and feel with undertaking major renovation projects, a simple change of case and department lighting can revitalize a store's appeal just as much as a remodel.

grocery store renovation supermarket store opening

For new supermarket locations getting ready to open, the emphasis on specialty lighting is continually growing and so is the need for individuals to work with and help service these supermarkets in fulfilling their requirements. Store lighting designers and lighting specialits play a key role in creating a unique and welcoming environment for shoppers. The real challenge is how to illuminate without sacrificing color or product integrity. That's where specialty lighting for fresh food cases comes in.

Supermarket Lighting - The Trend for Fresh Food Departments

As the lighting industry continues to expand, more and more career opportunities are popping up as companies are looking at servicing this demand through new business opportunities. Most of these business opportunities are opportunities for sales professionals or industry professionals already in the market who may currently own and operate their own business, who are looking to add to their product line.

vegetable rack lighting

By using PROMOLUX lights, retailers typically experience from one to three days extra shelf life, depending on the sensitivity of the prepared food item exposed to UV from regular lamps. Today, consumers are demanding premium quality freshness, and if they donít find it in your food service, they will not purchase. Upgrading your lighting in display cases to our PROMOLUX specialty lamps will save you money by increasing shelf life and by increasing consumer impulse purchases.

The company adds that prepared food service retailers consider PROMOLUX an ideal investment since in many cases extended shelf life alone will pay for the bulbs in a few weeks.

Established and Proven - the Only Light That Should Be Used in Food Showcases

PROMOLUX was built on the foundation of Safe Spectrum technology which is based on the science of light and how it affects the nutrition, composition and safety of foods. They are many active ingredients in foods that undergo chemical changes when exposed to heat and light. Taking that knowledge, PROMOLUX lamps were engineered as a solution to many of the challenges that retailers were facing in the merchandising and presentation of perishable food products.

PROMOLUX lamps are multi-coated with rare earth phosphors that are most often found in television picture tubes coating. It is a more expensive coating process than used in making fluorescent lamps. Additional special coatings are used to control UV radiation and to protect the lamps from changing their faithful color reproduction.

PROMOLUX is used by many retailers, specialty food stores and local markets areound the world to distinguish themselves and their products.

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